Bread & More

The German Bakery offers a wide variety of white, wholemeal, and sweet artisan bread.
Our loaves of bread are made in the old German style.

Several of our whole grain breads are based on sourdough,
we mill the whole wheat flour daily with our own mill and we do not use premixes.
Our breads have an expiration date of 10 days, but to prolong their life

they can be kept refrigerated for up to 30 days or frozen for a few months.
We keep the amount of preservative to a minimum to keep it as natural as possible.
We are a leader in flavor, texture, and smoothness.
To achieve quality, freshness, and the authentic flavor of the bread we have
a weekly rotation of the flour and the grain directly from the mill.
The photos of our breads on this website are the traditional bread, which we always handle.
Production is highly flexible and we adapt to any need of our clients.
You can order a French loaf of black bread dough the same as a multigrain dough sandwich.
We are not limited in size, shape and color.

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat, Dark Rye, Multi-Grain, Gluten free, Sourdough Breads.The special ingredients, with distinguish The German Bakery products from others, are selected from many different countries and are always tested for freshness

Dark Bread

White Bread’s from the German Bakery

With more than 25 diffrent bread products, we are sure there are severel that appeal to to your personal tast.

Italian Bread

Whole Wheat and Multi-Grain Bun’s & Rolls

The grains for our high multi-grain buns and roll’s are ground freshly in the mill on the premises of the Geman Bakery in Costa Rica and then immediately used for baking

Laugen roll & Brezel

Sweet Bread

The German Bakery’s Sweet Breads are designed and prepared with tender loving care.