Pastry Shop German Bakery

The German Bakery’s Pastry Shop in Costa Rica

Offers more than 60 different products on a fresh daily basis.

Our pasties, cakes, and dessert are designed and always prepared with our fresh product.

It is baked according to German recipes, but now, after many years in Central America,
there is also a small selection of Costa Rican and American specialties.
Our German art of baking is characterized by the fact that our baked goods
are not too sweet and offer a lot of variety.
Our daily offer includes chocolate cakes, banana, and carrot cakes.
Fine Danish pastries, croissants, puff pastries, cream cakes, cheesecakes.
We offer seasonal fruit tarts and the legend German apple strudel.
As well as donuts, biscuits, nut braids, raisin bread, etc.
There are also special delicacies depending on the season.
At Easter, we bake sweet Easter bunnies and fried egg cakes.
Around Christmas, we bake gingerbread, vanilla croissants, Christmas stollen, and much more.
We also like to bake any special requests for our customers.
So that they can surprise guests at home with something special.

We are sure to find several items that you might want to taste and taste again.

For Wedding cakes, Birthday cakes, or Your-Family’s-Special-Day-Cake explorer

our Celebration Cake site.

Our Pastry Shop staff will gladly help with selection and design.

With our fleet of Trucks, the German Bakery in Costa Rica delivers our freshly baked loaves of bread

and baked goods to your home or a specific location.

Please check the German Bakery Delivery Map Page for more details of when our trucks will be in your neighborhood.

If you have not seen our trucks but are interested in having deliveries of our pastries, cakes, desserts, or bread’s in your area,

please give us a call at the German Bakery 2668-1081 WhatsApp +506 8361 2777 or contact us via Mail

Cream Cake Strawberry

See all our Sweet & Delicious Cream Cake

from the German Bakery fresh and Quality Ingredients


Our delicious Croissant

see all the different varieties

 German Apfel Strudel

The German Bakery ensure that every bite you take

is just as delectable as the next.

Horn with Caramel

Discover a wide assortment of fine Danish pastries

from your German Bakery in Costa Rica

Chocolate Cake

Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing

sweet Pound cakes of the German Bakery

Cookies & Bars

Admire our fine selection of cookies

and bars in our Pastry Shop